Lameness has a devestating impact on animal welfare and farm profitability. Early diagnosis is critical to good outcomes and reduced treatment costs. 

How does the Hoof Monitor work for you.


Utilising both thermal and visual imagery, the sensor captures images of the cows hooves as they pass through a point on the farm. This could be the entrance to the milking parlour or any other race within the farm setup


The sensor automatically detects the hoof, analyses the thermal signature and determines if the cow is showing signs of lameness. The cows EID is recorded alongside imagery that will aid the intervention


The sensor can alert the farmer, vet or trimmer in real time of incidences of lameness within the herd and give insight into trends occurring. This detailed data will record the specific hoof that needs investigation.

Hoof Monitor Hardware


Utilising state of the art thermal cameras, accurate temperatures are gathered from all aspects of the hoof as the animal passes the system


Life on the floor of a cow shed is a challenging place for any technology, the Hoof Monitor is completely sealed and capable of keeping itself clean

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence allows the Hoof Monitor to accurately detect lameness in the herd, even identifying which hoof is of concern


Timely and accurate reporting of the information needed by the farmer, vet or trimmer

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